IBM I Series Pureflex and AS 400 Migrations

IBM PureFlex is a converged infrastructure solution that combines computing, storage, networking, and virtualization resources into a single, integrated system. When this solution is hosted, it can offer several advantages for organizations:

Simplified Deployment:

IBM PureFlex hosted solutions are pre-integrated and configured, reducing the complexity and time required for deployment. This streamlines the process of setting up and provisioning resources.


Organizations can easily scale their hosted PureFlex environment to accommodate changing workloads and demands. The modular nature of PureFlex allows for the addition of compute, storage, or networking resources as needed.

Cost Efficiency:

By consolidating infrastructure components into a single system, PureFlex can help reduce hardware and operational costs. It can lead to cost savings through improved resource utilization and energy efficiency.

Improved Performance:

PureFlex is designed to provide optimized performance for a wide range of workloads. The integration of hardware components ensures that resources work together seamlessly, leading to better performance and responsiveness.

Enhanced Management and Automation:

PureFlex systems include management and automation tools that simplify administrative tasks. This can lead to more efficient resource allocation and improved IT staff productivity.

High Availability and Reliability:

PureFlex solutions are engineered for high availability, with redundant components and failover capabilities. This helps ensure that critical applications and services remain accessible even in the event of hardware failures.


PureFlex systems support a variety of virtualization and cloud management platforms, allowing organizations to tailor their hosted solution to meet their specific needs. This flexibility is valuable for accommodating diverse workloads and applications.

Integrated Security:

Security features are integrated into the PureFlex infrastructure, helping to protect data and resources from threats and vulnerabilities. IBM provides security best practices and tools to further enhance the security of the hosted solution.

Support and Service:

IBM offers a range of support and service options for PureFlex, including maintenance, monitoring, and technical assistance. This ensures that organizations have the necessary support to keep their infrastructure running smoothly.

Energy Efficiency:

PureFlex is designed to be energy-efficient, which can help reduce operational costs and lower an organization’s carbon footprint. The system is optimized for power and cooling efficiency.

Integration with IBM Ecosystem:

If an organization is already using IBM software and services, a hosted PureFlex solution can seamlessly integrate with the existing IBM ecosystem, making it easier to leverage existing investments and expertise.

It’s important to note that the specific advantages of an IBM PureFlex hosted solution may vary depending on an organization’s unique requirements and the configuration chosen. Organizations should contact ibm/SEIMLess for a thorough assessment of their needs. We are experts in helping you understand how PureFlex aligns with your IT infrastructure and business goals before implementing this solution.