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ibm/SEIMless strives to be the best information technology solution provider to our network of clients throughout throughout U.S. and Canada. We help our customers realize the full potential of their technology infrastructure by offering insightful consulting, hardware, software, and services. Contact-Us now to discover to begin the journey.

Carrier Supplier Agnostic

ibm/SEIMless prides itself on being vendor agnostic or vendor neutral, we do not push for a particular brand or technology. Instead, we offer a solution oriented unbiased approach. Working with various brands and technologies, ibm/SEIMless finds the best option to suit our customers’ unique needs instead of the other way around.


Any one you choose“Through partnering with ibm/SEIMless we’re really able to plan for the future to make sure that our designs are scalable and flexible for the growing needs of the company,” Mike says.
Michael Ryan

VP Infrastructure Mgt

“ibm/SEIMless has been a great team to work with. They’re very knowledgeable and I think what really sets them apart from some of the other partners we’ve worked with in the past is that they have a diverse skillset and are really willing to work with us to come up with the optimal solution.”
Brian Hughes


Part of the decision-making process that worked well for us was realizing that ibm/SEIMLess was willing to build relationships with us,”Allison concludes, “I would say that ibm/SEIMless keeps their eye on innovation in the marketplace, not just innovation, but things that will work and apply to our communities and our individual situation. That was one of the things that originally attracted us to them.
Allison McGregor


ibm/SEIMless had products that were unaware of. Their innovative answers to todays concerns are workable today, with an eye on the future. We are confident what they positioned for us will allow for safe harbor in the coming years as networks are becoming more and more vulnerable to sophisticated attacks.
Simone Bryant

Director of IT and Cloud Services

We didn’t want to go to different companies and have someone install a Wi-Fi system and another person install a telephone system. We realized that the future was in systems that could integrate across those lines. We chose ibm/SEIMLess due to their ability to work with multiple technologies and multiple suppliers. We were primarily Cisco so they showed us how to leverage our existing infrastructure, with alternative solutions for a better long term migration strategy and cost savings.
Jacob Marshall