Exodus-IBM I-Series High Availability

IBM iSeries Solutions (Powered by CloudFirst) help you protect your iSeries with High Availability that gets you back online quickly in the event of a disaster or disruption-satisfying even the most aggressive RTO objectives.

High availability gives you the near real-time recovery that gets you back online in just minutes, keeping your business operational in the event of downtime or disaster–and fully protecting your iSeries data and applications.

Some high availability solutions for the iSeries can be complex and costly. We take a hosted replication approach that’s effective, affordable and reliable.

Our iSeries High Availability services provide an end-to-end solution that replicates your data in real-time to a secure off-site data center. We use industry-leading technologies to create and maintain a mirror of your systems in our data center. In the event of a planned system upgrade or an unexpected interruption, SafeData/HA becomes your production environment and ensures the availability of your iSeries systems and data.

Whether it’s for compliance or business continuity, SafeData high availability for the iSeries delivers the confidence you need to always know your data and applications will be there when you need them.