Cloud based telephony

ibm/SEIMLess delivers a variety of Hosted Platforms from it own Exodus UC to many others from companies like Vonage, Microsoft, Nextiva, NEC, 8×8 and more. Contact us – for complimentary design and consulting services now.

Hosted Telephony

Forget everything you thought you knew about enterprise communications
Your PBX in the cloud. All the functionality and control you count on, only more. Hosted Telephony allows companies to transform and reshape their use of communications technology with a suite of cloud-based, on-demand services including full PBX functionality, advanced call management tools, and lead edge Unified Communications features.

Hosted Telephony drives down the cost of voice communications while providing users with advanced feature packages designed to enhance accessibility, mobility, and productivity, along with sophisticated tools that give IT administrators an unrivaled degree of flexibility and control.

Hosted Telephony services can be fully integrated with your existing IP or legacy TDM infrastructure where required, allowing for full depreciation of investments already made in telephony infrastructure and providing a seamless solution.


Exodus UC

Microsoft Teams Calling