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Zero Trust Content Security

Secure File Gateway as a SaaS is a convenient solution to protect your organization from weaponized files. It is quick to deploy, scalable, managed by experts, and will enhance and complement your cybersecurity solution.

With remote working a new norm, this SaaS solution enables organizations to provide files from Cloud to devices. This solution is managed by experts, enabling your security staff to login from anywhere in the world to analyze the flow of traffic through their Secure File Gateway in the Cloud.

Secure File Gateway’s Positive Selection®

Secure File Gateway’s Positive Selection® engine processes all file traffic before it enters your organization. By breaking files down to the lowest element for analysis and recognition and allowing only known and 100% safe elements of the file to pass through, you are secure with the knowledge that files delivered to your organization are 100% safe.

Secure File Gateway as a SaaS solution provides protection from threats embedded in weaponized files. Threats not found by detection-based file security solutions are identified and eliminated by SFG before they can enter your organization from the Cloud. SFG can be deployed as a stand-alone solution, or integrated with other cybersecurity technologies as an essential addition. For example, integrating SFG with a complimentary isolation platform provides a total security solution for file downloads.

The benefits of providing SFG as a SaaS are abundant

Your enhanced security is managed by experts. Organizations no longer have to employ and train inhouse expertise to install, maintain and manage the SFG technical environment.
Lower up-front costs whilst you seamlessly migrate and/or integrate all connections for file processing within your security landscape to ensure the transfer of files from Cloud to device is 100% safe.
Fast ultra-low latency – there is no material time impact to end users receiving emails and files through SFG as a SaaS in the Cloud.
High availability server clusters monitored 24×7 by experts enable continuous SFG service.
Scalable futureproof deployment is supported, enabling you to easily increase the use of the SFG as your organization grows. SFG comfortably manages traffic in excess of 100,000 files per hour.

Secure File Gateway as a SaaS – a seamless solution

Introducing Secure File Gateway as a SaaS into your organization allows you to seamlessly integrate the flow of file traffic from Cloud to device safely. Whether by email, web downloads, or uploads using an API – SFG is the only solution that guarantees complete protection from threats maliciously embedded in files as they enter your organization from the Cloud.

Files transfer from the Secure File Gateway as a SaaS in the Cloud seamlessly to servers and devices without disruption to your business activities. The fast ultra-low latency of Positive Selection® processing provides such a speedy user experience, there is no time for concern about why a file is taking so long to process.

Secure SaaS connections in the cloud provide
Positive Selection® for all


Every email that enters your organization is processed through the SFG SaaS, resulting in completely secure email traffic being delivered to recipients. This includes the text, images and hyperlink content of an email, and also that of the email’s attachments. Regular files, password protected files, and archive files attached to an email are all safely processed for, resulting in 100% safe email message delivery. All emails are processed for Positive Selection® enabling recipients to continue working without concern of introducing malicious content to their devices or servers when communicating with people outside of the organization.

Web Applications

Every file upload is secured, enabling completely safe storage, access, sharing and collaboration of files across multiple devices and data sources. Secure File Gateway for Web Applications in the Cloud exposes a REST API, adding protection to any application communicating with SFG for file uploads. SFG for Web Applications is especially relevant to industries where file sharing is essential, for example, insurance services, medical portals, and online banking.

Web Downloads

Every file downloaded, whatever the source, enters your organization with certainty that it is 100% safe and free of malicious content. Secure File Gateway for Web Downloads in the Cloud safely automates the file sharing process, allowing you to communicate, access, collaborate and perform file transfers safely and without disrupting your business workflow. SFG for Web Downloads in the Cloud is especially effective when used alongside a web isolation platform and without the need for time-consuming sandbox, AV, or the disruption of blocking files.

About Exodus-Votiro

Exodus-Votiro introduces the Secure File Gateway – the only solution that guarantees complete protection from weaponized files. Unlike detection-based file security solutions that scan for suspicious elements and block some malicious files, Exodus-Votiro’s revolutionary Positive Selection™ technology singles out only the safe elements of each file, ensuring every file that enters your organization is 100% safe. Founded by leading file security experts, Exodus-Votiro’s new approach to file security works invisibly in the background, completely eliminating threats while ensuring zero interruption to business. Exodus-Votiro is trusted by large enterprises globally, including top Fortune 500 companies, to completely eliminate file-based threats while ensuring business continuity. Headquartered in the United States, with offices in Australia, Israel and Singapore, Exodus-Votiro is trusted by over 400 companies and 2 million users worldwide to safely access files with complete peace of mind.