Managed wan optimization

EXODUS: The NeXT GeNeration Secure SD-WAN

EXODUS allows enterprises and service providers to adapt their SD-WAN solution without being limited by the cost, vendor lock and the specific routing capabilities offered by proprietary SDWAN vendors. EXODUS offers an open architecture open source SD-WAN infrastructure that includes the vRouter, management, orchestration and automation as well as core SD-WAN baseline functionality.

EXODUS provides the agile network design required for modern networks and applications by offering native and optimized integration points for enterprise/service provider specific or 3rd party logic. The EXODUS optimized integration points allow for modification or replacement of core SD-WAN functionality as well as 3rd party logic. This allows service providers and enterprises to select or develop their best of breed elements of the SD-WAN technology.

EXODUS delivers all the basic elements of SD-WAN like management and traffic optimization and application/traffic specific handling. However, when it comes to borderless security and privacy which are both major concerns for businesses of all sizes today; EXODUS with “PIET”, offers a “Quantum Leap” ahead of any competition today. With this open architecture and advanced security, service providers and enterprises can now deploy a cost effective, Quantum resistant, Protocol Independent, high throughput SD-WAN solution without being tied to a black box solution while having full control over the system.

Moreover, SaaS application providers and MSPs can add elements that
differentiate their service from competition by having close control over the way their traffic is handled based on dynamic feedback received from their application.

Software architecture

EXODUS SD-WAN is open source and built as an open system that allows for 3rd party logic and value added services integration through performance optimized integration points. The architecture allows virtual routers located at anywhere in the globe to be connected and centrally managed by the EXODUS Management & Monitoring system. Traffic is tunneled between the vRouters or sent over the best route to the cloud.