MPLS (Multi Protocol Layering Switching) is the most common choice when it comes to Enterprise Wide Area Networking. However, due to the high cost, maintenance and security concerns many organizations are making a switch to better, more secure options.

ibm/SEIMless with its lastest solution Exodus based on its PIET Technology is disrupting the industry by giving the keys back to enterprise and providing a high grade, fast and efficient Transport services with WAN Security that’s in your control any where across the Globe. We can replace your MPLS telecommunications network with a better performing, more reliable, and less costly solution.

Why You Need To Replace Your MPLS Network

MPLS provides a stable but limited data bandwidth service. The huge cost due to its charges per megabyte is not affordable for many organizations, which are now looking for an alternative and cost effective solution for their business needs.


How can we help?

ibm/SEIMless’s latest solution Exodus based on its PIET 

 to an expensive MPLS solution, an alternative broadband solution offers similar data network services minus the huge cost. An impressive improvement in broadband speeds has made MPLS replacement look even more imperative to Enterprise Managers.Technology will totally transform your view of what is acceptable in today’s world. As industry leading providers of high performance, reliable and flexible internet services in New York and around the world. We have the best alternatives for MPLS. With our Business Class Internet Access, Amazon web Services and WAN Acceleration alternatives, we can easily provide you with the best MPLS replacement solutions


Advantages of Replacing your MPLS

With the right alternatives, you can enjoy faster speeds and greater reliability than the MPLS while future- proofing your network for the growing demands.

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