Exodus-Microsoft Dynamics

Dynamics 365 Sales

Empower your sellers and accelerate revenue. Make selling easier with AI, automation, and real-time insights built into the seller’s flow of work.

Prioritize your pipeline

Focus on the right customers with AI-based scoring models, opportunity summaries, and data visualizations.

Reduce mundane tasks

Use Copilot to summarize emails and meetings and generate customer-specific emails with Dynamics 365 data.

Stay in the flow of work

Minimize app-switching with automatic updates in Microsoft 365 apps.

Prepare for engagements

Use Copilot to generate summaries of customer details, meetings, emails, and relationship history.

Take the best action

Get recommendations for engagement activities and notifications on contact activity and upcoming close dates.

Improve interactions

Get call insights like sales tips, related information, and suggested answers, along with AI-generated call reports.

Forecast sales

Predict revenue and track performance against goals with forecasts and charts.

Scale best practices

Provide automated sales guidance by creating sequences of sales actions for your team.

Coach with confidence

Get insights and key performance indicators (KPIs) from top performers to discover how others can learn from their success.

Dynamics 365 Service capabilities

Exceed customer expectations by delivering exceptional service on any channel.

Agent desktop

Intelligent routing

Real-time insights

Case management

Dynamics 365 Field Service capabilities

Transform your service operations and improve customer experiences with generative AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality.

Optimise service operations with AI assistance and insights

Make frontline technicians’ work more effortless
Personalise the service experience

Dynamics 365 Finance capabilities

Transform your service operations and improve customer experiences with generative AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality.

Unify and automate your business processes

Enhance your financial decision making
Actively monitor cash flow, identify current and future trends, and make data-driven decisions using finance insights, an intelligent and customizable cash flow–forecasting solution.

Decrease global financial complexity and risk

Dynamics 365 Commerce capabilities

Foster lasting relationships through intelligent tools that strengthen your brand.

Omnichannel engagement

Provide exceptional experiences across traditional and emerging channels, or across different business models, scenarios, and personas. Connect digital, in-store, and back-office operations on a unified commerce platform.

Customer loyalty and rich personalisation

Enhance customer experiences across shopping channels, exceeding expectations by offering tailored product selections.

Streamlined digital commerce
AI-driven intelligent commerce
Connected customer journeys
Headless, scalable API-first solution

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management capabilities

Mitigate supply chain issues with robust capabilities such as real-time visibility, agile planning, and advanced insights.

Streamlined digital commerce

Order management and pricing
Planning, forecasting, and inventory management
Predict demand using AI and make inventory decisions with priority-based supply planning in near-real time, eliminating stockouts and overstocking.
Procurement and sourcing
Streamline procurement processes and improve cost management using vendor collaboration and advanced analytics to mitigate critical parts shortages.
Manufacturing and shop floor management
Build agile manufacturing processes using the Internet of Things (IoT) and mixed reality while working with your existing manufacturing execution systems (MES).
Warehouse management and fulfillment
Expedite delivery times by optimizing inventory, automating warehousing operations, and increasing throughput.
Asset management and maintenance
Perform proactive or predictive equipment maintenance to reduce downtime and improve equipment effectiveness.