Exodus-DAAS-Desktop as a Service

Workforce mobility is quickly driving employee productivity to the cloud. Everyone needs access to data, files and apps from any device that is readily available.

Transform the way employees work—empower them to be more mobile and highly productive by giving them the power of a desktop with the accessibility of the cloud.

Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) improve productivity and security by hosting your apps and data in the cloud, giving you anytime, anywhere access to them; simply login from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Your apps and data will be secured and managed by professionals, allowing you to focus on your business.

Broadview’s HVDs are scalable solutions that will enable organizations of any size and with any user and application mix to be successful. This type of desktop as a service solution can provide your company or customers with the best of the cloud.

See How Hosted Virtual Desktops Work

The Benefits:

Increase Productivity

Improve Security

Avoid Disasters

Simplify IT

Grow Your Business

Regulatory Compliance

Cut Costs

Always-access to data

No matter their location, your staff can instantly access what they need to do their job, dramatically increasing their productivity. Employees can login and access their work from PCs, MACs, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Better performance

Upgrade to reliable, highly-available IT services. Our high-performance servers have redundancy and much more power than small business servers so you enjoy more uptime.

A familiar experience

Working with a Hosted Virtual Desktop is just like working on a PC, only better. Your staff’s daily activities—managing e-mail, creating and saving files, and even printing their documents on local network printers—are performed in the same way.

Get the best available

Deliver the latest versions of software to your staff without the cost and hassle of upgrades.