Exodus PIET Secure uCPE/OS

“PIET” deifined is Protocol Independent Encrypted Transport. Described is a Secure Transport Independent uCPE/OS.

Exodus PIET uCPE/OS combines Quantum Resistant Security with the best VNF Orchestration available supporting monitoring and connectivity between geographically dispersed locations over any available infrastructure, including the public Internet. Exodus securely supports all kinds of network traffic including; Unicast, Multicast, and Broadcast.

Though connecting locations and VNF’s are not new, most solutions currently fall under the Layer 2 or Layer 3 umbrella like:

• MPLS – No Standard Encryption
• VPLS (Ethernet) – WAN-SEC or MAC-SEC

Each comes with its own pros and cons like overhead, limited security control, scaling problems, management complexity, international restrictions, lack of cross carrier support and more. These technologies also do not support VNF’s,  or customers the option to BYOK (Bring your own key as they move to public cloud). Exodus PIET – Secure OS solves all these disadvantages by integrating security with the OS for flawless network orchestration management and security. Creating a solution like no other, a technology that can work with or without a control plane. Exodus is redefining Telecommunications and is rapidly on its way to becoming the transport of choice for businesses of all sizes.

Exodus supports transport across the public Internet which is now the most favorable WAN option for enterprises, service providers, and telco’s as they shift away from old, conventional, expensive WAN options like dedicated links, MPLS, or Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Exodus is a must have for the Finance, Insurance, and Healthcare Verticals and is useful for any critical high-frequency trading application as described above. These applications require many events and transactions to be recorded securely while at the same time ensuring maximum stability, scalability, and the fastest convergence time.

ibm/SEIMless has combined our Exodus Solution with our Engineering Design, Procurement and Implementation Capabilities to create “OneView”. “OneView” affording you the option to work with us beyond just securing your data transport we can also procure the access for a full service offering anywhere in the world.

 With Direct Representation of over 100 Carrier Backbones around the Globe we allow you to maintain direct contact with the Carrier at all times, as we do not resell but many Carriers do; causing implementation delays, slower response times and finger pointing, often when issues occur at the last mile.

Contact-Us today and arrange for a presentation with proof of concept. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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