Trust ibm/SEIMLess and our Dark Fiber Services when your business and the applications you run demand unlimited bandwidth, maximum control, and network security. ibm/SEIMLess’s Dark Fiber offers a variety of connectivity options from individual strands of fiber to complex high count cable designs, customized for your business.

ibm/SEIMLess offers Dark Fiber to customers who have high capacity bandwidth needs and the in-house expertise to control and manage their own network. With more than 20,000+ route miles over a core network that includes key metropolitan markets, ibm/SEIMLess and its partners have been building and managing dark fiber networks throughout the Northeast, mid-Atlantic and Chicago for over 14 years.

Dark Fiber Network Benefits

Reliability, Scalability, Flexibility

ibm/SEIMLess’s access to unique fiber assets, routes and secure rights-of-way provide the network infrastructure that your business needs, where you need it, to support mission-critical applications.

  • Allows customers with in-house optical expertise to manage their own network
  • Enables customers to select the equipment best suited to support their applications
  • Flexibility to support a large number of  configurations, services, and applications
  • Delivers virtually unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost with the potential of capitalizing your network as an asset
  • Dark Fiber networks are under your control, completely secure, and are tailored to your connectivity requirements
  • ibm/SEIMLess’s dark fiber network leverages unique rights-of-way providing added resilience to your infrastructure
  • Network Management services provide a single point of contact for complete service management
  • Ability to leverage ibm/SEIMLess’s networking expertise and benefit from its award winning customer service
  • Strong ROI for companies that use substantial bandwidth and utilize numerous services

Unique Dark Fiber Assets

With ibm/SEIMLess Dark Fiber, our customers enjoy a unique and diverse resource upon which to build a robust and scalable network, including:

  • With an extensive low latency network and massive amounts of fiber, ibm/SEIMLess’s NY/NJ metro network footprint is the perfect location for media and entertainment, large financials, service providers, and content providers to deploy dark fiber for their business. ibm/SEIMLess’s NY/NJ network includes access to over 40+ exchanges and 16 diverse river crossings.
  • ibm/SEIMLess’s dense metro Boston network provides dark fiber from downtown, south Providence, west to  Worcester, and north to New Hampshire, and everywhere in between.
  • In Virginia, Ibm/SEIMLess has dense fiber assets connected to Ashburn, VA, one of the largest content hubs in the world. In addition, ibm/SEIMLess’s state-wide Virginia Extension provides service providers and enterprises with a vast dark fiber resource covering 1,000 miles and every major metropolitan area throughout Virginia.
  • ibm/SEIMLess’s Transcom Route is entirely diverse from the east coast I-95 communications corridor from NY to Ashburn, VA — bypassing Washington, DC and NYC completely if desired. This diverse path can be used for back-up and recovery, cloud services, content delivery and more.
  • In the Chicago metro area, ibm/SEIMLess connects Chicago, IL, Elk Grove, IL (major data center park) and Aurora, IL (financial exchange)  together to serve the connectivity needs of large enterprises, financial services firms, and content providers.

Special Construction Projects

Within Metro areas, ibm/SEIMLess will support special construction projects linking your critical locations to ibm/SEIMLess’s high performance network. These special assemblies are custom designed, built and implemented to meet your specific networking requirements.

Dark Fiber Service Contract Options

Designing Networks that Work for You

ibm/SEIMLess will work to ensure that the term of the Dark Fiber agreement is right for your business. Ibm/SEIMLess offers flexible contract options including short-term and long-term agreements.

ibm/SEIMLess Dark Fiber is available on most segments of the ibm/SEIMLess Network. With more than 20,000+ route miles including many key metropolitan markets such as Boston, Chicago, New York, Washington D.C and more. ibm/SEIMLess offers connectivity to over 175+ data centers, 18 ibm/SEIMLess colocation centers, and 250+ carrier hotels and central offices, providing many options for housing your critical infrastructure equipment.

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Customer Quote

“The majority of our academic programs are digital in nature, and students need to be able to access and move large files over the network. On our older network, students have to physically walk large audio and media files between buildings. With dark fiber, students can move and access their course files with a click of a mouse from any building on campus.”

CIO Information Technology