ibm/SEIMLess Core

ibm/SEIMLess Core is the new business-ready Information Management solution built for the Cloud. It is a multi-tenant SaaS solution that balances ease-of-use and productivity with the controls and management required in your business environment today.

  • Instantaneous deployments, with reduced cost and risk
  • Lightweight, on-demand, scale up and down to meet your ongoing needs
  • Eliminate rogue file sharing applications
  • Simple, easy collaboration with administrative controls
  • No more documents scattered across desktops, mobile devices and public Clouds

How ibm/SEIMLess Core Addresses Your Needs

  • Enhanced User Experience – Find the balance between simplicity and security, usability and functionality, collaboration and privacy.
  • Social Collaboration – Get the right information to the right person, simply and immediately.
  • Edit is the new Sync. Welcome to Business. With Core, all users can edit documents, right on their desktop or mobile device, without ever having to download a file.
  • Your work. Your time. Anywhere. Open and edit files on a mobile device, save to the cloud, then reopen on a laptop and find the same, easy-to-use interface every time.

Backed by a History of Excellence

Think outside the box with the World’s Leading Business Network –ibm/SEIMLess Cloud Partners are Trusted by over 60,000 customers and is deployed in more than 40 data centers. Take advantage of a proven global cloud infrastructure. ibm/SEIMLess partners process over 16 billion transactions per year which enables the digital flow of over 6.5 trillion dollars of global commerce annually.

Who wouldn’t want that experience on their side? Your business deserves it. How Can We Help?

You Don’t Have to Think Inside the Box

Why limit yourself when it comes to sharing files and collaborating? You shouldn’t have to settle for an uninspired experience. With ibm/SEIMLess Core you get the perfect blend of familiarity, flexibility and control, no matter what device you’re using to share and work with your files. It’s an elevated way to work.