CCaaS and UCaaS:

Like their on-premise and hosted unified communications alternatives, integrates software that supports synchronous and asynchronous communication from any device, enabling consistent collaboration among teams.

Both deliver a single, cloud-based platform with various levels of redundancy and a set of features that can include enterprise messaging, presence technology, online meetings, team collaboration, telephony (or cloud calling) and video conferencing. The integrated platform also makes it easier to secure communications, prevent downtime and account for business continuity and disaster recovery. UCaaS is known for providing flexibility and scalability for core business tasks. Many UCaaS vendors also offer contact center capabilities, including auto-attendant, interactive voice response, call routing and customer relationship management integrations.

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CCaaS Explained.

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Since its introduction the number of companies offering this service has become staggering making the landscape congested and often times confusing. The ibm/SEIMLess team are experts in this area and consistently monitor the marketplace to ensure only the best of breed remain part of our list of UCaaS Providers. We separate marketing from actual deliverables in the areas that matter most to our clients, reliability, redundancy, implementation, post sale support and pricing.

We pride ourselves on sharing what you need to know instead of just what you want to hear. Our ability to not be tied to any one vendor allows us to be consultative and provide solutions tailored to your needs instead making your need fit into a solution. Contact or call 646-546-5245  if your a novice or like many of our clients a seasoned enterprise professional.

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