Product Portfolio

In todays world it’s tough to keep up with technology and even harder to maintain your own datacenter. Our Pureflex and AS400 Solutions (Powered by DSC) allow your enterprise to leverage a cloud infrastructure while alleviating the cost of ownership for many items you now pay for. The final result turns your datacenter into a monthly subscription based service where you only pay for the resources you need, while simultaneously gaining the advantage of scaling on-demand.

Here are a few additional advantages of IBM Power iSeries: (Powered by DSC)

  • Reduce maintenance and hardware costs
  • Elimination of datacenter ownership, costs and space
  • Scalability on-demand
  • Latest technology and hardware
  • Quick and easy implementation
  • Flexibility in office location as the cloud is accessible from anywhere
  • Reduce IT staff time in troubleshooting hardware issues
  • Allows IT staff to focus on more critical items