Exodus Transparent Encryption

Challenge: Ransomware Blocks Access to Business Critical Data

Ransomware has been on the rise since 2020. It accounts for 25% of all data breaches1. Ransomware attacks can bring business operations to a grinding halt by blocking access to critical data until a ransom is paid. A ransomware is expected to strike businesses and individuals every 2 seconds by 20312. Baseline security practices using perimeter controls such as next generation firewalls, secure email/web gateways and focusing on closing vulnerability gaps alone have not been sufficient to prevent ransomware attacks. The main challenge facing Fortune 500 companies is to safe guard business critical data from being encrypted by unauthorized processes and users on endpoints and servers.

Solution: Exodus Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection
Exodus Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection (CTE RWP) provides a non-intrusive way of protecting files/folders from ransomware attacks. CTE-RWP watches for abnormal I/O activity on files hosting business critical data on a per process basis. It allows administrators to alert/block suspicious activity before ransomware can take hold of your endpoints/servers.

With MFA for Exodus Encryption CTE-RWP is licensed separately. It provides an adequate level of ransomware detection, without configuring detailed acess control policies at a file/folder level on each endpoint/server. Combined with a CTE license, administrators can additionally apply finer grained access control and encryption. CTE-RWP can be licensed separately or in conjunction with CTE

Additional Data Protection Against Ransomware With Exodus Transparent Encryption

Customers can maximize ransomware protection on their endpoints/servers, by adding a license for Exodus Transparent . Encryption (CTE), to gain the following additional benefits not provided by CTE-RWP.

Fine-grained Access Control
• Defines who (user/group) has rights to encrypt/decrypt/read/write or list-directory where business critical data resides

• Place strict access control policies around backup processes, including encrypting backups to prevent data exfilteration

• Guard point level trusted list of files (binaries) that are approved to access and encrypt/decrypt protected folders including signature checks on trusted applications to ensure their integrity.

Data at Rest Encryption

• Encrypt business critical data, wherever it resides on-premises or in the cloud

• Make critical data worthless to intruders, since they cannot monetize encrypted data by threatening to publish

• Guard point level trusted list of files (binaries) that are approved to access and encrypt/decrypt protected folders including signature checks on trusted applications to ensure their integrity.

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Key Advantages

Transparent Data Protection. CTE-RWP continuously enforces ransomware protection per volume with minimal configuration and no modification to any applications on the endpoint/server. It continuously monitors abnormal file activity caused by ransomware infected processes, and alerts/blocks when such an activity is detected.

Easy to Deploy. CTE-RWP enables administrators to start with ransomware protection alone, without setting up restrictive access control and encryption policies on a per file/folder basis, which is available in a CTE license.

Robust Ransomware Detection. CTE-RWP uses process based machine learning models to dynamically detect suspicious f ile I/O activity. It identifies and alerts or blocks ransomware on endpoints/servers. Approved processes can be added to a trusted list to bypass monitoring