We offer Hosted Solutions utilizing Various Hardware Manufacturers including Cisco, Polycom, Mitel, Yealink,  Avaya and more… Below is an outline of just one of our solutions.

Hosted Telephony

Forget everything you thought you knew about enterprise communications

Your PBX in the cloud. All the functionality and control you count on, only more. Hosted Telephony allows companies to transform and reshape their use of communications technology with a suite of cloud-based, on-demand services including full PBX functionality, advanced call management tools, and lead edge Unified Communications features.

Hosted Telephony drives down the cost of voice communications while providing users with advanced feature packages designed to enhance accessibility, mobility, and productivity, along with sophisticated tools that give IT administrators an unrivaled degree of flexibility and control.

Hosted Telephony services can be fully integrated with your existing IP or legacy TDM infrastructure where required, allowing for full depreciation of investments already made in telephony infrastructure and providing a seamless solution.

Enable Mobility

Delivering a best–in–class customer experience requires that mobile employees are accessible at all times and locations. VoiceMaxx gives mobile users access to a powerful set of personal call management tools along with, hoteling capabilities, personal conferencing and mobile client integration to ensure that mobile employees are constantly connected.

Increase flexibility and efficiency

With rapid deployment times, VoiceMaxx provides unlimited calling capacity, both in-bound and outbound, on a converged network solution that efficiently utilizes bandwidth and scales to accommodate bursts in calling activity. By removing the capac­ity constraints typically associated with legacy PBX systems, VoiceMaxx eliminates the over–provisioning and over–buying of infrastructure and services and the on–demand nature of the service allows users counts and user types to be adjusted as necessary.

Fixed and Mobile Integration

  • 4 – 6 digit on-net dialing
  • Advanced phone features
  • Low cost international calling
  • Unified ANI/caller ID
  • Single DID wireless/desk
  • Unified voicemail
  • Company-owned phone number for sales/field personnel
  • Ability to have full control over contact to employee
  • Enterprise ANI preserved
  • Unified, centralized call detail records
  • Advanced call distribution
  • Call recording and monitoring

Experience Service Excellence

With some of the highest customer retention and satisfaction rates in the industry we understand the responsibility we have to provide an outstanding customer experience. There is no one–size–fits–all solution, we work with our clients to solve their urgent problems and at the same time, show them how to use technology to transform their business. Our support teams are no ordinary help desk, they become an extension of a client’s IT team, integrating our processes and knowledge into the way an enterprise works.

Additionally, VoiceMaxx provides:

  • Give customers the option to choose from service packages designed to align service level with price.
    1. Premium Package: For users with a need for a high level of accessibility, mobility, and specialized features
    2. Standard Plus Package: For users requiring personalized functionality with added features
    3. Standard Package: For general users requiring some personalized functionality
    4. Admin/Reception Package: For administrative, reception and department assistants
    5. Limited Use Package: For a limited use line necessary for point to point communications
  • Unlimited calling capacity, both inbound and outbound.
  • A converged network solution that efficiently utilizes bandwidth and scales to accommodate spikes in calling activity.
  • No capacity constraints typically associated with legacy PBX systems.
  • No over provisioning and over buying of infrastructure and services required.
  • Access to a powerful set of personal call management tools for mobile users.
  • Competitive local, long distance and international rates.
  • Access to the latest in communications technology without the need for investments in on–site PBX systems and the associated support, maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Complete management of inbound numbers and how they route.
  • Ability to monitor calling activity across the enterprise in real–time.
  • Customized billing options that allow for flexibility in the way that invoices are presented across the enterprise.
  • Unlimited moves, adds and changes.
  • One web portal to access and manage all administration needs.

Take Control

And we mean total control. Manage inbound numbers and how they route, according to geography, time–of–day, and holiday sched­ules or in the event of outages. Monitor calling activity across the enterprise in real–time – local & long distance, inbound & outbound, internally & externally–with a powerful report writer to deliver information in the way your business needs it. Customize billing to your needs with options that allow for flexibility in the way that invoices are presented across the enterprise.

IM & Presence in VoiceMaxx Environments

The inclusion of instant messaging and presence capabilities with a broader voice solution like VoiceMaxx is an important step towards creating a true unified communications environment. West offers several industry leading options for IM & Presence capability, including Microsoft Lync and Cisco Jabber. Learn more about how IM/Presence can impact your organization.

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